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Everyone loves summer. There are pool parties, vacations, road trips, backyard BBQs, festivals, and plenty of sunshine and good times overall. However, this also generally means that you are using your car more often to travel around, and that, combined with the higher temps, means it’s important to stay on top of maintenance to avoid any issues or breakdowns. 

As car repair specialists with a focus on paintless dent repair, we know all too well the importance of proper maintenance and upkeep. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top summer car maintenance tips to keep you moving and grooving all summer long.

1. Get the AC Checked

When your AC goes unused for a while over the fall, winter, and spring, it might need a bit of attention before it’s ready to go for the summer. This can include getting new air filters and topping off the refrigerant. If anything else is wrong, you will need to take it in for a diagnosis. 

2. Inspect Your Tires

After the grueling winter months, your tires might have become worn down and may need replacing. And if you’re going to be driving a lot this summer, you want to make sure your tires are in good condition to avoid any blowouts. Air pressure can also change with temperature changes, so you should double-check to ensure you have optimal air pressure to avoid any other issues while driving. 

3. Top Off Your Engine Fluids

Hot summer months put a lot more strain on your vehicle’s engine, so it’s important to keep up with fluids to keep it running smoothly. Check that nothing is leaking or building up on the engine and replace or top off transmission fluid, coolant, and power steering fluid as needed. 

4. Keep Up With Oil Changes

Oil lubricants are also important for keeping your car and engine running properly. If you neglect an oil change, it can easily lead to expensive repairs. So make sure you keep up with regular oil changes and have your filters changed as needed. 

5. Avoid Sun Damage

The sun’s rays are a lot stronger in the summer and can more easily damage your car’s paint as well as the interior. So park in the shade when you can, or use a UV cover if possible. It’s also a good idea to get your car waxed in the summer as this keeps the paint in good shape and can help protect it from UV rays. 

6. Keep It Clean

With cars getting a lot more use in the summer, they can get dirty much faster than usual—both the interior and the exterior. Unfortunately, when dirt and grime are left to sit too long, especially in the sun, they can become much harder to remove. So it’s a good idea to get your car washed regularly to avoid things building up and staining your paint or upholstery. 

7. Stay on Top of Dents and Dings

In addition to dirt and grime, it’s also common for cars to get dented and dinged more in the summer from all the extra use and road trips. Gravel and debris can fly up and ding your car when you’re driving, you can get dings from car doors and shopping carts, and dents and dings from debris falling out of trees during those summertime storms. 

And just like dirt and grime, the longer you leave a dent or ding unrepaired, the harder it will be to repair later on. Even the smallest of dings can become troublesome, especially if it grows in size and starts cracking the paint. So make sure to have your dents repaired as soon as possible, to avoid costly repairs down the road. 

Killa Dent Removal

While car maintenance is important year-round, it’s especially important to keep up with it in the summer. And if you have any dents that need to be repaired, make sure you choose a shop that specializes in paintless dent removal to protect your car’s paint finish and maintain the resale value. 

At Killa Dent Removal, our paintless dent removal specialists are highly trained to safely and effectively remove dents from your car in the summer without compromising the resale value. We provide fast and efficient high-quality repairs with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

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