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No one likes to deal with car repairs, but they are necessary if you want to maintain your vehicle and keep it running optimally. In some cases, vehicle owners will only prioritize major repairs and leave minor things, like small dents and dings, to sit for months. Or they may never get them repaired at all.

Unfortunately, as inconsequential as a small dent may seem, it can turn into a larger issue that can cost you more money in the long run. Thus, it is generally best to deal with these issues as soon as possible. 

If you have questions about your dent damage and are looking for an estimate, the professionals at Killa Dent Removal can help. We specialize in paintless dent removal and offer free estimates and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our work.  

What Happens When You Don’t Get Small Car Dents Repaired?

Though small dents might seem like a minor cosmetic issue, they can grow in size over time which can result in several issues, including:

Paint Chipping

Dents, dings, and scratches that are left unrepaired can stretch the metal and even grow in size. Unfortunately, when the metal stretches, it compromises the paint and can result in chipping and peeling. And if the paint chips or peels away, it will cost you significantly more money to have the dent and the original paint finish repaired. 


In addition to paint chipping, the exterior metal body of your vehicle can also begin to rust when a dent is left unrepaired. This is because when the paint chips away, it exposes the raw metal underneath, which will then begin to rust when it gets wet or is exposed to other elements. And rust is not just a cosmetic problem. It can also start to affect the performance of your vehicle. 

Lower Resale Value

The more damage your car sustains, the more it lowers your resale value. But dents can be especially problematic because they can damage the original paint finish. And if the original paint job gets damaged, it can significantly reduce your car’s resale value, which means when you go to sell and trade it in, you may be disappointed by a lowball offer. 

Even if the paint isn’t affected, simply leaving small dents can also result in a lower resale value. This is because your car will be thoroughly inspected before you sell it or trade it in, and even if minor cosmetic damage is noted, it can reduce how much money you’ll get. 

Higher Repair Costs

Of course, as mentioned earlier, leaving small dents unrepaired can also mean you will pay more money for repairs down the road. Many car owners will avoid getting minor dents fixed because they happen often and don’t want to constantly take their car in to have them fixed. 

But if you let dents sit for a long period, they can become harder to remove, which means it will take more labor to fix them and cost more money. And they can also result in further damage, such as rust and paint chipping, as mentioned, which will also cost you more money to get fixed. 

Paintless Dent Removal For Minor Dents and Dings

As much of a hassle as it may seem, your best option is to have your small dents and dings fixed as soon as possible. And if you choose a place that specializes in paintless dent removal, the cost of repairs will be more affordable, and it won’t take as long. 

Traditional dent repair costs more because it requires more labor and materials to fix the damage. It can also compromise the resale value of your car by damaging the original paint finish. But paintless dent removal is much faster and easier as it simply requires the use of specialized tools that pop or massage the dent out. And this can be done very easily when the dents are small but can take more time if the dents are left to sit and grow in size. 

Killa Dent Removal

If your vehicle has dents and dings that need repair, the experts at Killa Dent Removal have got your back. Our paintless dent removal specialists provide fast and efficient high-quality repairs with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We use PDR methods to carefully and meticulously remove dents and dings from your car’s exterior, ensuring the paint is unharmed. 

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