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Costly Hail Damage Mistakes People Can Make

Hail is one of those things that can seem quite elusive. It is often unpredictable and not as common in some areas. However, in the Midwest, damage incurred from hail can be quite extensive, especially if the matter is not dealt with in a timely and proper manner. Though many vehicle owners that are used to hail might make excuses to put off repairs, it’s a common mistake that can end up costing you more in the long run.

Additionally, common as it is, some shops are better equipped to handle hail damage than others. When choosing where to take your car for repairs, it’s important to verify the technicians are skilled and trained to handle the damage in a way that won’t affect the worth and resale value of your vehicle.

5 Common Vehicle Hail Damage Mistakes

Though our cars can often take a beating and keep on ticking, they can still wear down and lose significant value over time if not properly maintained. If you live in an area that sees frequent hail, you should never put off the damage simply because it’s a common occurrence. To help ensure the longevity and value of your car and to avoid more costly repairs down the road, the following are common mistakes that should be avoided:

1. Putting off Repairs

Accidents and damage to our cars and property always seem to come at the most inconvenient times, but putting off repairs can end up costing you more if you wait too long. Folks who live in areas that see frequent hail will often tell themselves that they will just wait until the end of the season because it is likely that it will hail again. But, with hail especially, minor dents and dings can easily turn into much larger dents and damage if left unattended.

With new car repair methods like paintless dent removal (PDR), costs of repairs for a few small dents are much lower and much easier to fix — you could potentially have your car back the same day. However, if you wait to have repairs done, those small dents can easily multiply with future hail storms and can even go from small and easy to fix to large and much more costly and timely to repair.

2. Attempting to Do the Repairs Yourself

DIY is all the rage these days, especially with the number of videos and resources on the internet teaching you how. And while some DIY projects are certainly worth it, when it comes to car repairs, it’s best left to the experts. Experienced technicians will have the proper tools and skills to remove the hail damage without compromising the factory finish. While most videos and how-to tutorials might claim to offer a simple and cheap fix, you could find that when you try to sell your car down the road, those alternative methods you used will cost you more money by affecting the resale value. A good shop should offer a free inspection and estimate on things like hail damage, so even if you aren’t sure you can afford the price, it never hurts to have the vehicle evaluated just to check. 

3. Filing a Claim Immediately

While it is generally a good idea to file a claim with your insurance to get help covering repair costs, there are times when it’s not needed. Going through insurance can sometimes be a hassle and, depending on your deductible, wholly unnecessary. Minimal hail damage is sometimes less expensive to repair than the cost of your deductible. In these cases, it can be wise to avoid filing a claim, as doing so could raise your premiums. An experienced shop can easily handle minimal hail damage at an affordable cost and can have you back on the road in no time.

4. Choosing a Repair Shop Without Much Thought

Another common mistake vehicle owners tend to make is assuming that because hail damage is typical in their area, every shop will be equipped to handle the repairs. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Whether you decide to file a claim or not, it’s important to remember that it is still up to you where to take your car — the place your insurance chooses, or simply any shop you choose from a list, will not necessarily be the best to handle the job.

Take your time and do your research to ensure you are choosing a place that has the right skills and tools to properly repair the hail damage. There are some older and more expensive techniques that many shops still use that are no longer the best methods available. Newer techniques, like PDR, are much safer and more cost-effective than traditional dent repair methods.

5. Avoiding Repairs Altogether

We understand that sometimes you simply don’t have the money to get repairs done when the damage first occurs. The problem with waiting in these cases is that while the damage, big or small, might not feel like it hinders your car’s integrity now, it could later on. For example, larger dents tend to rust when left unrepaired, which can compromise the body of the vehicle over time.

It might seem expensive to pay for larger hail damage now, but it can end up costing you even more to fix the additional damage that results down the road. Rusting also compromises the paint finish on the car, which affects the resale value. Depending on the size of the dent, if dealt with right away, it could be repaired using methods that won’t affect the factory finish of the vehicle.

Killa Dent Removal

At Killa Dent Removal, our technicians are highly skilled in auto restoration services for hail damage. When applicable, we utilize paintless dent removal methods to safely and efficiently repair your vehicle without damaging the original factory finish.

If your vehicle has dents and dings that need repair our experts can get you back on the road in no time with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. For a FREE estimate, contact us today!

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